About Us

In 2022, a profound quote sparked a transformational journey: "Seek to be uncommon amongst uncommon people." This powerful mantra became the foundation for The Uncommon Ones, a brand that was envisioned and brought to life within the humble confines of a college apartment by Eric Jackson II (centered in photo), a 21-year-old visionary studying at Howard University.
From its inception, The Uncommon Ones has been more than just a brand; it is a declaration of intent for those who dare to transcend the ordinary. Eric, with his unparalleled creativity and unwavering dedication, has meticulously sculpted a community for individuals driven by an insatiable desire to excel in their passions. This is a brand for those who wake up each day committed to becoming the best version of themselves, relentlessly pursuing greatness in every endeavor.
The Uncommon Ones is dedicated to a unique collective—individuals who embody the essence of perpetual growth, knowledge, and distinctiveness. Our ethos is simple yet profound:
Forever Learning: We believe in the continuous pursuit of knowledge, understanding that every day brings new lessons to be embraced.
Forever Growing: Our journey is one of constant evolution, recognizing that personal development is an infinite path.
Forever Uncommon: We stand apart in our relentless quest for uniqueness, cherishing what makes us different.
Join us in this journey of self-discovery and excellence. Become a part of The Uncommon Ones, where we celebrate the power of individuality and the spirit of relentless improvement.